"Design, 3D Print, Take Home": Silveryway Founder Dr. Ken Too Hosts Successful 3D Printing Workshops Again

On June 2nd and June 9th, 2024, Silveryway founder Dr. Ken Too successfully hosted two more TinkerCAD and 3D printing workshops on the campus of the Hong Kong College of Technology. Building on the enthusiastic response from the previous workshops, these latest sessions continued to teach participants the fundamentals of 3D printed product design, as well as the usage of TinkerCAD software and Silveryway's custom web applications.

The focus of the workshops was empowering participants to freely design personalized items, such as nameplates, keychains, as well as their favorite cartoon characters, logos and icons, including beloved figures like Crayon Shinchan, Doraemon, and various Marvel superheroes. Participants excitedly transformed their hobbies and interests into 3D digital models, and were able to take home their meticulously crafted creations. They also had the option to order elegant 925 sterling silver versions.

The workshops were tremendously successful, further igniting the creativity and imagination of all the participants. Dr. Ken Too remarked, "When I saw the participants' joyful and excited expressions as they held their own designed creations, it was a truly unforgettable moment."