Silveryway 3D printed jewelry design competition (HK and Macau Region) Winner Announcement!

We are proud to announce the winners of the 3D Printed Jewelry Design Competition 2021 in Hong Kong and Macau Region, with the Design Theme: A Touching Story!

We give 3D printed jewelry designers/students a chance to release their creative talents as well as to win cash prizes. From over hundred of entries, the top three winners and 10 honorable mentions entries were selected.

We will email each winner individually.

Now, Let’s appreciate the design of the top three winners here!
Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who entered!

Finally, we would like to give our wholehearted thanks to Dr Chan Lai Kiu who participated as this year’s distinguished panel of judge.

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Competition Winners with Judges views:

First Prize Winner
Chung Yin Chiu

Design Concept:

The Foundation Of Love

Root - the foundation and the most essential part of a tree to maintain its life and keep stretching till the end of life.

Marriage is a start and promise of a male and a female to account, love and care each other like a new born tree. To maintain this promise, love is a fundamental element like a root to bind and maintain each other's affection.

Wedding ring as a physical marriage certificate, The Foundation Of Love is imitating the tree root stretching from the finger to every corner of the body. From the moment of putting on the ring, love will keep extend and as the foundation to maintain the relationship till the end of promise and the end of life.

silveryway 3d printed jewelry design competition 2021 1st winner

Jury Panels' comment:

Impressive design and conceptual interpretation of LOVE. The ring may be a bit prickly. Yet every rose has its thorn, right?

2nd Prize Winner

Design Concept:

"Life is simple but bee-autiful!"

I am bee-lover and collect all bee stuff in my life. I would love to create bee design and let people know how lovely bees are.

The meaning bee-hind BEE is "Bee yourself!! No one can take your dignity!!"

silveryway 3d printed jewelry design competition 2021 2nd winner

Jury Panels' comment:

Design is meaningful with the word 'LOVE' forming the signature pattern of a bee. "Bee yourself" is definitely important on our journey of design.

3rd Prize Winner
Edward Wong




silveryway 3d printed jewelry design competition 2021 3rd winner

Jury Panels' comment:

The design, specially made for the unique story of friendship, gave lots of warm personal touch. It would be better if the design was not so direct.




The true preciousness of a jewelry is the touching story it tells. Narrate a touching story through your jewelry design.

In this 3D Printable Jewelry Design Competition, you are the teller of your touching story and the very designer of your jewelry in Sterling Silver. You can decide the form, the style, the details, and of course, the meanings it contains. This challenge is about demonstrating how jewelry can unveil creativeness and tells a touching story taking advantage of 3D printing technology! It is also a golden opportunity to let everyone be their own designer, helping you to realize the dream of design.

Design your favorite type of jewelry. Any types of jewelry in one piece (no interlock parts, no more than one part) will be accepted while the material in your design is limited to pure sterling silver, in order words, no gems, stones nor other metals.

The key of designing is to be creative, do not limit your imagination! The design is now your personal diary, follow your heart and let it tell the most touching story! 

You are required to submit a 3D model computer file (.STL or .OBJ) of your design and write your design description only! Simple as that!




Whether you are artist, designer, maker or student, everyone living or working in Hong Kong & Macau will be eligible to participate in this contest and unleash your own potential!

Please note that the Intellectual Property Rights of the entry belongs to the participant while Silveryway will reserve the right to 3D print and display the 3D models participating in the contest to promote your talents. 


Competition schedule

  • Submission Start: 27/7/2021
  • Submission Deadline: 27/9/2021
  • Release of results: 30/10/2021


In order to reward the best achievements, the following prizes will be offered:

  • 1st prize:  Cash prize HKD$1000, Silveryway coupon 30% off discount code, E-Certificate of Merit, One free production of the awarded design 
  • 2nd prize: Cash prize HKD$500, Silveryway coupon 30% off discount code, E-Certificate of Merit, One free production of the awarded design
  • 3rd prize: Cash prize HKD$200, Silveryway coupon 30% off discount code, E-Certificate of Merit, One free production of the awarded design
  • 10 Honorable MentionsCash prize HKD$50, 20% off Silveryway coupon discount code, E-Certificate of Merit

In addition, all entries will be awarded with one Silveryway coupon 10% off discount code to produce your design model. 

Multiple entries are allowed while each entry may only win one set of prizes.

In the case of any disputes, Silveryway reserves the right of final decision.


Entries will be judged on the creativity of their 3D design, and on the matching of the story. The design must be original.

  • Originality/ Creativity the 3D design: 50%
  • Matching of story to design: 50%

The design entries will be judged on the uploaded 3D model computer file together with the story description.

The jury board is composed of:

    • Dr Chan Lai Kiu, Founder of arQstudio, Co-founder of the HK room in PMQ
    • Dr Ken Too, Founder of Silveryway

For more information, see the contest rules.

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