All uploads of designs are protected by Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Laws of Hong Kong (Cap 486) (PDPO), US and European data protection laws.

Intellectual property rights

You, as a designer, retain all the intellectual property rights to your 3D design, including the 3D renders. Copyright protects the creator of the object. Any re-creation, whether it be 3D modeled or sculpted in clay, is a copyright infringement. On the Silveryway website, you can let other people see or order your work ONLY when you want to show. We will not show your work to the public without your prior written permission.


Your privacy is taken very seriously by us. When you upload a model to Silveryway, we only store the information we need to process and 3D print your model. Models are always private by default. We do not share that information outside our factories and our production partners.

ONLY upon receiving your written permission, we may use your model and related imagery in promotions like our newsletter or take it to display at events to help promote you and the whole Silveryway community.

We are unable to sign individual NDAs.

Copyrighted content

Please note that by uploading your 3D design, you warrant that it is your original creation and not copied from any third parties. You also agree that your 3D design does not infringe the intellectual property rights of others. 

Silveryway enables people to 3D print whatever they can imagine, which unfortunately occasionally includes things that already exist and may be covered by copyright.

We like to give our community the benefit of the doubt. If you believe that a community member is infringing your copyright with their model, please email us explaining that you believe they are infringing your copyrighted design. Usually, this is enough to start the conversation and lead them to either remove or modify their model. If you can show that you are the copyright holder in this way, we will comply and take down the infringing model.