Why do designers join 3D printed jewelry business?

First of all, this is the most convenient, time-saving and cost-effective way for you to make your design real.

Secondly, 3D printed jewelry products are not prototypes, but can be sold directly as final works with high premium luxurious quality.

Third, with the advancement of 3D modeling software and 3D printing technology, freedom and complexity of design are now possible.

Finally, designers no longer need to worry about production or supply chain. After finished a 3D design computer file, you can take an online 3D printing service platform for manufacturing at anytime, anywhere, and your design product can be delivered your customers around the world.

Now, let us take a closer look at this 3D design revolution.

What does 3D printed jewelry work?

3D printing jewelry works  are completed by printing the digital information in a 3D computer file file directly through a 3D printer and, in most of cases, adding post-production processes such as polishing and polishing.

There are many different 3D printing technologies for jewelry manufacturing, so there is no simple answer. Some printers use plastic filaments, some use powder, and some use liquid resin or wax. So far, the best and most economical way to make 3D printed jewelry is to mix 3D printing technology and traditional jewelry craftsmanship to produce real, strong and smooth premium jewelry. We will talk about it in another blog [3D Printing Technology].

All 3D printers have in common: they need 3D computer model file.

The 3D model file, which is made by 3D modeling software, contains digital information about what should be printed. There are many modeling software in the market, such as free modeling software applications for beginner to intermediate users such as Tinkercad, Sketchup, Blender, Rhinoceros, Zbrush  to high-end applications designed specifically for jewelry manufacturers, such as RhinoGold and JewelCAD, and so on. We will talk about it in another blog [3D printing software].

Once the 3D computer model file is made, it is best to use free another software to analyze and automatically correct the 3D printability of the 3D computer file, and then use a suitable printer to bring your design model to life.

Don’t have the right printer? With online 3D printing services, designers don’t even need to own their own 3D printer. Simply upload a 3D file through our website, instantly quote and confirm to start production, so easy!


What are the benefits of this technology for design work?

Advantage 1: Start 3D printed jewelry production anytime, anywhere and any wish

designing 3D printed jewelry on computer

Designers no longer need to worry about production or supply chain. With your 3D design computer model file, you can get an online 3D printing service platform (such as upload3D of Silveryway.com)  for making your jewelry anytime, anywhere.

What is more, your design product can be delivered by the online service platform to your customers around the world1

Printing jewelry without an online 3D printing service is much more difficult, because it usually requires an industrial 3D printer and cannot be used on a regular home printer.

Advantage 2: Design freedom

3D digital model files can be easily edited, analyzed, checked, saved, copied and pasted, and modified repeatedly in a 3D modeling software. The design can also be rendered to the real-life effect for a stereoscopic 360-degree viewing.

Advantage 3: Design complexity

With advanced 3D modeling application software, 3D printing can produce a large number of incredible details and complex designs, which is difficult to engrave in the traditional way!

See the following stunning designs!

3D printed jewelry bracelet by designer Farai Mashambanhaka

Designed by Farai Mashambanhaka (photo courtesy)


 3D printed jewelry of silvery flora ring by nervous system

Silver flora ring by  nervous system studio (photo courtesy)


3D printed jewelry bracelet and ring designed by Dutch Architect Firm Mulderendevries

Dutch style bracelet and ring designed by Dutch architect firm Mulderendevries (photo courtesy)


3D printed jewelry Papilio ring designed by Architect Jenny Wu

Papilio ring by Architect Jenny Wu (photo courtesy)


Advantage 4: Luxurious high quality with affordable production cost


High-quality 3D printed jewelry product are made of real luxurious metal, such as 925 sterling silver, with 18K gold-plated or 18K rose gold-plated, stainless steel, brass, platinum and gold, etc., plus exquisite traditional handicraft post-production. Because 3D printing technology can allow printing even if there is only one piece of work, compared with the cumbersome traditional jewelry design and manufacturing process, the production cost is greatly reduced.



Advantage 5: Make to order

Make to order (MTO), or made to order, is a typical 3D printed jewelry business production strategy that typically allows consumers to purchase products that are customized/ personalized  to their specifications. It is a manufacturing process in which the production of an item begins only after a confirmed customer order is received. In other words, designers can save stock/ inventory cost and minimize risk of waste.


Advantage 6: Mass customization / personalization

Exactly because 3D printing technology can allow even only one work to be printed, each unique and personalized design work can also be mass-produced. This is the term "Mass Customization" mentioned in the fifth industrial revolution, the new era of design and production business.

To sum up, 3D printed jewelry has been wittily in the fifth industrial revolution. A new design era has come! If you are interested in design, why not try 3D printed jewelry to make your design dreams into reality ?

Want to appreciate more works of 3D printed jewelry designers? We will talk about it in another blog [3D printed jewelry designers].

We sincerely hope that one day, we can introduce your 3D printed jewelry design works to the world!