Wana know the design of '2 as 1' from the initials of your two English names?
Enter two English capital letters to preview in 3D.
*First letter is the front view of the pendant and the second letter is side view:

2 as 1

HKD $799

Always by your side!

The '2 as 1 Two Together' pendant is our signature design, the design consists of two letters linked together side by side!

It symbolizes that you have found the right person, willing to stay by your side forever, accompany you through the highs and lows, and still rely on each other!

Dimensions: Size varies from 15-18mm high, 9mm wide and 6mm thick.

Material: 925 silver

Production time: 10-14 working days.

Delivery time:

- Hong Kong: 7 working days

- Other regions: 10-14 working days

*All products are made to order.