Tips for Upload3D web app of Silveryway

That is the easiest and simplest way to get your 3D printed jewelry by Silveryway Upload3D app!

Simply upload your 3D model file in STL or OBJ file format for an instant price and order straight a way!

You can select material of Sterling Silver, with or without 18K Gold or Rose Gold plating. We are based in Hong Kong and we ship worldwide!

Silveryway Upload3D app show uploaded 3D model

Here are the tips for the 3D model file:

3D model file format: STL or OBJ

File Size <5MB

Maximum size: 7cm x 7cm x 7cm

Minimum thickness 1.5mm


Happily holding your 3D printed Jewellery in hand by Silveryway Upload3D app

The joy of holding your 3D printed Jewelry in hand cannot be told by words!

Let's get your 3D printed Jewelry now by Silveryway Upload3D!

If you don't know how to make a 3D model, please try our another app ImageTo3D which instantly turns your 2D graphics into 3D model online. 

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