Tips for Image3D web app to turn your Graphics into 3D Printed Jewelry

silveryway turns your graphics into earrings by ImageTo3D web App

Now we can join the new design movement of 3D printing without 3D computer modelling skills! By the web App "ImageTo3D" in, you can turn your design graphics into jewellery made of premium quality of sterling silver, with or without 18K Gold/Rose Gold Plating.

Simply draw your design anywhere at anytime, take photo of it by your mobile and upload it.

a designer is drawing a graphics

Then let the ImageTo3D app of Silveryway do the magic! Your 2D design graphics is instantly turned into 3D printable model!

ImageTo3D web App of silveryway instantly turn your 2D design graphics into 3D printable model 

Here is the tips of making the graphics.

The image file format is JPG. The photo taken by your mobile is OK for uploading.

Image file size is less than 3MB. You may need to crop your photo taken by your mobile.

All lines in the image must be connected, then the 3D model generated will contain only one part which is adequate for our manufacturing.

silveryway show all lines in the image must be connected for ImageTo3D manufacturing


Let's go to ImageTo3D and make your unique jewelry from your design graphics!